Recycling Scheme Application

Accredited Waste Recycling

As part of our continued environmental performance standards, we have introduced an ISO accredited waste recycling programme.  Following UK governments RRR directive and compliance with European REACH regulations, for customers wishing to provide evidence of waste disposal/recycling simply apply to join emailing

On joining we will issue you with waste collection bags. Your appointed Project Consultant will review with you at the time of joining how many bags you may require and ensure that all waste can be packed and returned to MediaCo with optimum efficiency and minimum cost.

When full bags can be returned to MediaCo, on receipt the waste will be disposed of via our ISO accredited waste collection partner.

Emptied bags will be returned to you with your next order shipment for reuse.

What waste can we return?

You can return all waste that is registered on our inventory of orders completed by MediaCo.  We will provide you a check list to complete on return of waste.

How is waste separated for return?

Your appointed Project Consultant will review your waste streams and provide you with a coloured bag, each bag is colour coded to ensure that only the appropriate waste is placed in the bag, allowing the waste to be recycled. Bag colours are:

  • Green – Fabric Waste
  • Red – Rigid Material Waste    
  • Black – Vinyl Waste

Is there a charge for returning our waste?

We have designed a programme to minimise cost of waste disposal and maximise efficiency and effectiveness.  Your appointed Project Consultant will discuss the standard charge applied for each bag returned. We will also work with you to minimise cost of return by advising you of any deliveries we are making where you can load your waste onto our own vehicles and avoid any unnecessary delivery charges. You are also free to return waste to our premises at your discretion using standard courier companies or when you attend our premises to collect your orders.

Can this programme be extended to our clients?

Yes, when reviewing the amount of waste, you may need to recycle, your project consultant will review with you how many bags you may require to satisfy your own and your client’s requirements. We suggest that you apply this programme to your client on a ‘back to back’ basis and mirror our direct agreement and waste return framework.

How do I prove that all waste is professionally recycled?

On completion of your application and formal acceptance of participation, MediaCo will issue a certificate of compliance with waste recycling standards. This certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of issue and applicable to all waste received.


Our waste programme is carefully calibrated to ensure that all waste streams are controlled and not contaminated. We understand that on occasion errors are made, however, in accordance with ISO standards our waste recycling partner has introduced a 3 strikes and out policy. In the event of us receiving contaminated waste you will receive a formal notice of ‘non-compliance’, this notice will remain on file for a period of 12 months from the date of issue. If 3 notices are issued in any 12-month period the waste receiver automatically bars receipt of waste without further notice on issuing the third notice, so please work closely with your project consultant to help us, help you, help the environment – thank you.        



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