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QPLEX Signature Imaging makes its debut. QPLEX-Si certainly stands out from the crowd due to its premium quality graphics. Ideal for the promotion of high value brands, as well as for the reproduction of signature fine art, gallery pieces and high quality photographic images, exhibition and interior displays.

White Base High Gloss Aluminium

QPLEX-Si is a super HD dye sublimation image transfer printing.  It provides apparent continuous tones, ultra smooth gradients, variable ink density from solid to transparent allowing the material tones and textures to compliment the image. Choose from a range of formulated coatings to deliver improved abrasion, antimicrobial, UV, matt and high gloss protection.

So how does the magic happen?

QPLEX-Si is produced using high definition water based pigment dyes printed on a dye sublimation paper. The paper is positioned on the base substrate and heated to 200 degrees centigrade.      At this temperature the dyes convert to a gas state and infuse through the clear surface coating on the base material. As the material cools the image is sealed under the surface coating which is carefully formulated to accentuate the colour gamut and vibrancy of the image.


Aluminium Frame

Wooden Frame

Hanging Kit

Wall Mount Guide

Natural Wood

White Base High Gloss MDF

Clear Coat Aluminium


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