Open automation platform improves customer experience

Maximising operational efficiency is a priority for many businesses. Due to our latest investment we have understood that by enhancing workflow processes the business may benefit in various ways. Similarly, time efficiency is something businesses all around the world constantly chase, as time efficiency leads to cost effectiveness and performance maximisation.

One of the most vital steps of the operational overflow is the Pre-press. Pre-press or studio is the stage where  the project file is being examined before it proceeds to the production process. This stage might be one of the most time consuming as it requires detailed check of the design and its printability. To eliminate the time spent on this stage, a great number of automation workflow software has been developed. 

5 key benefits of an open automation platform:

1. Time efficiency

Operating an automation software leads to eliminating time spent for repetitive tasks that might consume valuable time of the Pre-press team. By setting up PDF automation software, all the pre-flight checks are carried out without the need of an operator. An operator will only be required in case of a detected error. Even in this occasion, edits can be made without going back to the original form of the image file.  The pre-flight checks conducted by the software include; trapping and overprint issues, image resolution, colour space, font issues, bleed and flattering layers.

2. Added value

Value is added through the implementation of automation software as it provides audit power and remote approval process. To provide a more specific example the automation platform we invested on has the ability to send proof of approval automatically to the reviewer asking just to click on the link illustrated on the email. Once the artwork is approved the link will expire. The need for logins and passwords is eliminated adding value to the customer experience. 

Also, when acquiring automation software it requires to be programmed based on the needs and standards of the company. Adding value as the software can be tailored and adjusted on the ever changing needs of the business. It is also vital to mention that this software provides consistency that will take place through carefully applied rules, as well as the fact that ambiguity that can creep in over time is alleviated. These are two key elements that significantly increase the added value for the Pre-press team.

3. Elimination of human error

Human error has been proven to be costly for the business in terms of time efficiency and cost effectiveness. Automation software has the capacity to remove human error from pre-flight processes and therefore, ensures accurate outcomes every step of the way.

4. Enhancement of employee productivity

By automating mind-numbing tasks, Pre-press team is given the opportunity to focus on more value-added and complex tasks and even expand their services.

5. Enhancement of customer satisfaction

All the key points stated above are leading to the enhancement of customer satisfaction by improving not just the Pre-press stage but the operational overflow of the business. The main benefit of using automation software is time efficiency which is an important indicator for customer satisfaction levels. As a result of the automated process the customer is more likely to receive the right product on time. Thus, any new developments adopted by the company should be carefully considered, as they will eventually have an impact on the customer experience which in time will influence the performance of the business.

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