Convergent Print Group and U.K.-based MediaCo Group Join Forces to Create Global Standard


Two of the leading producers of large and grand-format printing announce partnership on Clean Air Day; Companies will promote EnhanceAir Powered by PURETi as global standard on how brands can turn their out of home and retail advertising into air purifying surfaces to fight global warming

Two of the leading producers of large and grand-format graphics – U.S.-based Convergent Print Group and U.K.-based MediaCo Group – are excited to announce today that they are joining forces to create a partnership that will focus  on helping brands around the world utilize their out of home (OOH) and retail advertising to become more eco-friendly and support the ongoing fight against climate change. By working together, both companies want to establish EnhanceAir Powered by PURETi as the global standard on how brands can address climate change by adding this specialty coating to their out of home and retail advertising.

Beau Wells, president of Convergent Print Group states, “We are truly excited to partner with MediaCo Group and take the next step to establishing EnhanceAir as a global standard for environmentally conscious advertising. This is a global problem that will require global partners joining in many different ways. Over time, we plan to expand this partnership to include other like-minded organizations with the intent of helping our industry play an important role in addressing the problem of air pollution and supporting brands throughout the world who are serious about making a positive impact on the environment.”

EnhanceAir Powered by PURETi is a photocatalytic topcoat applied as a clear finish to the outdoor advertising without affecting the overall appearance. When sunlight strikes the EnhanceAir coating, it begins a series of reactions that turn oxygen and humidity into powerful cleaning agents that scrub the air and destroy pollutants, including volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and nitrogen oxide (NOx).

Wells continued, “Climate change is not something we can solve overnight. There is no single action that can be taken to reverse the effects of pollution. However, there are tools available today that can be deployed by companies in various industries to start on the path of making a difference. EnhanceAir is one of those tools.”

EnhanceAir is a significant development for our industry, potentially even a game changer, for brands looking for an innovative way to improve their environmental performance and emission reduction strategies,” said Stephen Arthur, managing director at MediaCo Group. “By coating their out of home and retail advertising displays with EnhanceAir, companies can make an immediate improvement to the environment by converting contaminated air into clean air and move one step closer to having a Net Zero footprint.”

As climate change, air pollution and other environmental concerns become more and more important to consumers, companies and advertisers are reconsidering how outdoor advertising affects the planet and what solutions they can implement to meet their sustainability goals.

Convergent Print Group and MediaCo Group believe EnhanceAir is something brands can use today and make an immediate impact on the environment by turning outdoor advertising displays – such as billboards, banners at global events and large signage at stadiums – into an air purifying surfaces that will reduce pollution and improve air quality by converting contaminated air into clean air.

PURETi is honored to partner with Convergent Print Group and MediaCo Group as they lead the out-of-home industry toward a more sustainable future,” said Brian Haas, CEO of PURETi Group LLC. “Their leadership is not only bringing EnhanceAir to the market for brands across the world, but they are also serving a critical role in educating the public about how photocatalytic coatings improve air quality and fight climate change. We look forward to working with them and others to expand our shared vision well beyond outdoor and retail advertising and into other applications.”

Arthur continued, ”This partnership is an important step to establishing EnhanceAir as the global standard for how large and wide-format printers can support brands and take a leadership role in reducing air pollution and meeting the environmental performance standards required by current and emerging regulations in Europe and the United States. Whether you are a believer and non-believer of climate change, EnhanceAir is a simple way brands can have an immediate impact on the environment and make our world a better place.”

To learn more about EnhanceAir Powered by PURETi technology and discuss how brands can impact the environment through their out of home and retail advertising, please visit Convergent Print Group at or MediaCo Group at


About Convergent Print Group:

Convergent Print Group was created in early 2023 after Vincent Printing and BPGraphics agreed to merge into one of the world’s leading producers of large and grand-format digital graphics. Convergent Print Group has a wide selection of printing services that are tailored to fit the needs of its customers and help them bring their big brand ideas to life. To learn more, visit

About MediaCo Group:

MediaCo Ltd commenced trading in 1998 as a specialist Out of Home printer, producing high quality 6 sheet, 48 and 96 sheet back lit and front lit displays. Today, MediaCo is a 24-hour operation, seven-days-a-week business that boasts some impressive accreditations, including triple ISO accreditation, Ecovadis Silver Award winner and ‘Make It Wild’ certified off setting. MediaCo has continually expanded its display graphics production capabilities and boasts the UK’s 1st and only 5m wide dye-sublimation print operation, and recently installed KUDU, SwissQPrinter delivering neon inks, 3d printing and drop ticks clear coat and brail productivity. The business is a leader in the U.K. and renowned for delivering the display, finishing and installation solutions to the Retail, Exhibition, Commercial Interior, Sports Stadium Branding, Live events, TV film and theatrical markets. 


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