Case Study: Interior


The project concerned the largest pay-TV broadcaster in the UK. Part of their growth strategy for adding and managing over 200.000 new customers within one year was an internal branding project to deliver an excellent employee and customer experience. 

Our partner is a leading agency which develops creative applications to improve the user experiences of working environments, websites and software. Their organisation is worth over £500 million. 

The project should transform a 500 staff strong communications department into an environment of success and inspiration. 

Needs and goals

The end-user recognises that the best way to move forward is to invest in their people. Hence their goal was to design an inspirational work environment and develop a culture of optimism. 

A single image can motivate a person to reach their best, inspire or create a feeling of peace. Hence, the first step was to use graphics which delivered these effects.

The imagery showed a mixture of inspirational messages and films to first encourage and motivate the staff perform great and remind them that they are a part of something great. 


The graphics were supposed to be hung from the ceiling and applied to the walls for everyone to see. Some places still had split batten frames which created a less appealing look and had to be upgraded. 

The new system should make it possible to easily replace graphics in the future and the installation should not take longer than 3 days to prevent disturbing their staff. 

In addition to that, the walls had a metal mesh behind them which complicated the process. The installation team had to rely on scaffolding instead of scissor lifts due to limited space to setup the installation equipment. 


We delivered a full graphics service from printing and finishing over logistics to installation. This resulted with 15 tension fabric systems and graphics – produced and installed in-house by our interior graphics experts.

Within two days we have completed a site survey, plan and installed all fabric graphics. Each visual was positioned at carefully chosen locations to create the best possible impact. 

We have also kept very close contact with our stakeholders and involved them in all stages of the project, as we prefer to maintain a very transparent workflow. 


Impressions: from 500 staff to 10000 customers. 

Location: Manchester, UK

Product Type: Frames, Banners, TFS Graphics

Service Type: Logistics & Installation

Client Rating: 5/5


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