Fit 2 Frame service

The trend of customers working to ever shorter deadlines has continued over the past decade, normally as a result of late campaign approval, leading to late receipt of confirmed artworks reducing production and quality control lead time. Production and installation time frequently becomes stressed as the immovable event completion date draws every closer.

Photographs of images installed and fitted in a frame, are showing image dimensions, tensions, print quality and are packed for shipment.

So how can you respond, what tools do you have to safeguard your own client relationships and costs, after all, increased service and delivery costs are rarely palatable or easily accommodated.

Over the last decade MediaCo have understood these issues and taken a number of steps to claw back critical production and QC time by investing in state-of-the-art high speed digital print technology, 24 hour working, Monday to Friday and weekend working up to 14:00hrs each day.

We have also developed optional in-house ‘Fit2Frame’ service to reduce, and in some instances remove entirely the need for Freeman members to open and check completed graphics which can be shipped directly to the venue within the UK. The new ‘Fit2Frame’ service reduces the need to open and handle images whilst reducing the risk of contamination.

The new ‘Fit2Frame’ service:

‘Fit2Frame’ Standard: The lead image size of each image group pre-fitted to the aluminium frame, once installed images are tested for tension, fit quality and photographed. On approval of the lead image the remaining images in that set are cut from the approved cut file, packed and shipped.

‘Fit2Frame’ Comprehensive:

All images are pre-fitted to the aluminium frame, photographed and tested for tension and fit quality, once the fit and tensions are confirmed the remaining images are cut and all tested in a frame prior to packing and shipping.


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