Case Study: Wembley


The Europe India Forum (EIF) is about to host the largest reception any foreign head government has ever received in the UK. Under the theme ”Two Great Nations, One Glorious Future”, the event should deliver a cultural show featuring 800 of the Best Indian and British talents. Most importantly, Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Cameron will both address a population of 1.4 million in the UK and 1.2 billion in India.

The largest Diaspora in the world is managed by leading Event Management Specialists and the event will be broadcasted live around the globe include TV and the web. 

Needs and Goals

The event should attract at least 50.000 people, all who will be in direct contact with  graphics in and outside the Wembley stadium. 

Over 90.000 seats need to be covered with tri-coloured fabrics and stage graphics have to be installed on time. A flag of the size of a football field is needed in order to multiply the effects of a great show.

A graphics team is required who needs to have  sharp time management skills and would not hesitate to work overtime to deliver an excellent output. 


All graphics of the event need to be triple tested and quality controlled. Since it will be broadcasted live, it is essential that the stadium graphics and display systems perform well. There would be no room for errors or delays. 

This means that even the largest graphics had to be tested on an equally large field before the event would take place. This could only be achieved through an efficient product testing system and an effective quality control process – all done in-house and under strict supervision. 


We delivered 7 services in one package including artworking, colour management, printing, finishing, product testing, logistics and installation.

Our finest and most durable fabric substrates were used to produce a complete Fabric Graphics Set to meet our client’s needs. We also fabricated and quality controlled a Super Large Flag which had a size of 7820m².

Since we have our own network of venues to test the largest graphics, our team saved time when making sure that the output was of the highest quality and that it delivered a great performance.

We have kept an open communication process with our teams and our event partners so that every stakeholder was aware of each stage. 

Impressions: >650.000

Location: London

Product Type: Super Large Flag, Fabric Graphics

Service Type: Logistics & Installation

Client Rating: 5/5


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