Case Study: Theatre

Impressions: 100,000

Location: Manchester, UK

Product Type: Flooring, Special Builds, Staging

Service Type: Logistics & Installation

Client Ranking: 5/5


Awarded as the Theatre of the Year, certified as a 5-star Excellence Entertainment Provider and known as one of the most-loved and most distinctive theatres in Britain – our client does not stop to surprise and amaze their audience. 

Their ambitious attitude for theatrical experience and growth is an inspiration to many people. Located in Manchester the theatre has set a new direction and intends to become the centre of excellence for entertainment industry in Britain. 

With this in mind, our client prepares to win a greater share of the highly competitive entertainment and storytelling industry. 

Needs and Goals

Their goal was to create attention and deliver one of the greatest shows seen. They needed to impress everyone and deliver an experience which both the viewers and the press should love. Next to that, it had to create profits. How could this be achieved? 

The theatre introduced a classic play written by famous play writer Arthur Miller known as ”All My Sons”. The play concerns a 1947 African American drama and true story in Ohio. 

To deliver the perfect experience, the show needed to be setup with the right theme and stage design, including furniture, flooring, lighting and realistic looking plants. 


Having agreed to showcase their play, the theatre had a short time to plan and prepare the whole show. What had to be prevented at all times were delays. 

Going through a number of different graphics and display providers, it was difficult to find a reputable organisation which could deliver all solutions withing 10 days. 

One of the greatest challenges was to setup the full scene under a very tight budget. Keeping the costs minimal is a common approach, however, delivering a high quality experience requires another.

This is when they found us.


We made sure that we understood our client’s requirements perfectly well. We had enough information already during the first discussion and already began planning. We chose high quality materials which stayed within their budget. 

Once we have optimised the image files, we colour managed the whole process while making an extra effort to understand the context of the play as well as the feeling it would create for the audience. 

One of the best solutions including our Easi Floor Range- graphics which are based on long lasting and highly durable floor materials. These cost-effective floor graphics delivered the best possible quality for their budget and helped to create the perfect theme for ‘All My Sons’. 

Next to great lighting effects and furniture which resembled a style of the 1940s. We have designed and produced realistic imitations of plants and leafs to help the audience feel engaged. 


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