Case Study: Stadiums


Our client is one of the most popular and successful sport teams in the world who has over 659 million followers and won over 62 trophies and 20 English league titles. Their stadium is based in Old Trafford and with 75.635 seats it is the largest sports club stadium in the UK. 

Their aggressive growth strategy is backed up with clever marketing tactics and great methods to boost revenue through sponsorships, broadcasting and merchandising- in 2014 the football club reached a record growth of £433 million which represented a 70% increase since 2008.

Needs and Goals

As part of client’s aggressive growth strategy, all branding and broadcast activities follow a high standard of communication. The goal was to deliver a great experience to their 659 million fans but also to help their sponsors benefit from this impact. 

They needed a partner who can help them raise awareness, trigger excitement and to be remembered as the leading football team in the world. 

A powerful customer experience was essential and it should begin with the biggest football stadium in Britain. 


Our client met with several different graphics companies and struggled to find the one which met their high expectations. One of the major problems they experienced was the lack of discipline to deliver a consistent level of high-quality products and reliable services. They also needed someone who can produce and install graphics within a few days. 

The previous solution providers struggled to reach the demand and high requirements of our clients as they caused many errors and higher costs due to lost time or expensive reprints. 


We delivered a full service from design support, planning and site surveys over logistics to installation. Our client did not need to spend too much time on this project: the only part we needed was their requirements – we took care of the rest. 

Once we have received the visuals, we improved them, produced, delivered and installed the large graphics in four days. We have used a 40% transparent self-adhesive vinyl banner to cover a 48.5 meter wide and 14.7 meter high window. To finish early, we have worked throughout the night to deliver the best results before the deadline. 

All products went through strict testing and quality control procedures as we always make sure that the end-result will be of the highest quality.

Impressions: 500.000

Location: Manchester, UK

Product Type: Banners, Signs, Window Display

Service Type: Logistics & Installation

Client Rating: 5/5


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