Case Study: Retail


Our partner is a reprography service company and has reached a yearly turnover of £12M. Their high-quality reproductive prints are one of the best in the market. Together with a team of 170 highly skilled professionals, they create a limitless ambition to reach their goal. 

The end-user is a famous football club which was founded in the late 19th century and belongs to the top tier football clubs in the UK. Their yearly turnover exceeds £73M. with a yearly increase of 5%. 

We worked together with our partner to manage a Retail Branding Project for the football club’s mega-store.  

Needs and Goals

Part of the club’s growth strategy was a more aggressive approach towards merchandising and sponsorship. Their yearly profit growth rate of 5% should be increased in the following years and new sponsors have been successfully attracted to reach their goal. 

The current appearance of their mega-store needed to be upgraded with the new branding and graphics which reflects their new direction and image. 

Highly important was to advertise new home and away kits for the next season. 


The club is highly flexible when it comes to reaching their targets. It is possible that they acquire new sponsors at any time, which would affect their branding and overall presentation – and this exactly what happened. 

Production was just starting when they succeeded in acquiring a new sponsor. Plans and schedules were about to transform into chaos, however, we are used in dealing with such challenges. 

This was one pf the shortest deadlines we dealt with successfully and we were quick to respond to the changes.  


Our partner’s target was to improve the customer experience of the internal retail environment to encourage customer purchases and increase impulse sales. 

To create the best effect for their customers, we have chosen the highest quality of backlit graphics to attract attention and underline the greatness of the new home and away kits. 

The whole process was colour managed and quality controlled. While our customer benefited from our art-working service. We have added silicone edging to the graphics to help our client’s sales staff to install the graphics within a few minutes. 

Impressions: 50.000

Location: Manchester, UK

Product Type: Fabric Banner, Window Display

Service Type: Branding Project Management

Client Rating: 5/5


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