Case Study: Museums


From the largest museum institutions in Greece, Spain and Russia to the smallest in London, MediaCo works with more than 30 museums in Europe, the Middle Ease, Asia and America. Some museums were founded in the 18th century, others were just opened in the last few years and most of them shared common challenges. 

While our customers focused on attracting over two million new visitors and improving the overall experience, many concentrated on integrating the latest technology and capturing curiosity. A highly important part for their permanent, temporary or travelling museum exhibitions and collections was to fulfil health and safety guidelines and to meet strict fire safety standards. 

Up to 30,00 artefacts should be displayed to deliver an aesthetic and joyful experience and to educate visitors of all ages. Our role became important when museums’ curators, managers and designers started to plan, design and budget their space. 

We value long and loyal relationships and we are happy to extend our support to contribute to the creation, build and installation of museum exhibitions and collection with 100% bespoke graphics and displays. 


Our customers looked for a swift communication process and fast order turnover. Environmental and climate control played an important role including how well emergency and security plans were run during the exhibitions. Space had to be used efficiently and errors were to be prevented at all times. 

As the artefacts represent a specific culture and history, the overall design needed to create a fitting theme. While lights and vibrant imagery were effective, all solutions had to meet three requirements: a high durability, fire rated materials and a very fine graphic quality. 

Floor graphics had to withstand traffic of several million people without deteriorating and wall graphics had to be lightweight and should allow an easy and fast installation.  

All museum objects needed interpretative support to assess and communicate their scientific or historic importance while the theme and message should underline the beauty, identity and culture the artefacts represent. 

Our customers also needed ceiling graphics including display systems and large banners for outdoor promotions. 

Impressions: Over 40 million

Location: Worldwide

Product Type: Floor, Wall, Signs, Display, Windows, Ceiling

Service Type: Logistics & Installation

Client Rating: 5/5


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