Case Study: Building Wraps


Together with a great user experience agency we have planned, produced and installed large format graphics for a Christmas Home Show in Manchester. 

The over 100 years old home show was built on its reputation on home innovation and has delivered a fascinating experience to millions of people. 

For the first time it was held in Manchester and was expected to attract a large audience who should spend their time shopping. 

Over 400 exhibitors cover more than 15 different sectors and provide everything the consumer might need. 

Needs & Goals

The home show was expected to last 3 days and should attract 20.000 visitors where the average buyer should spend 3 hours of shopping. 

Visitors attend this show to make a purchase and the most important part was to deliver an outstanding experience. 

There was a high pressure to create an outstanding theme and design including all internal and external graphics which had to be appropriately designed. 

In order to impress the visitor before he/she joins the show, the full building needed to deliver a great Christmas experience no one will forget. 


It took more than one agency branding to trigger the highest form of customer excitement and satisfaction. The durability of all graphics, timed installation, high quality of materials and fast turnover were all required to amaze the visitors.

Our client was part of a complicated planning process and they needed a partner who could simplify it and reduce a large amount of workload. Since we are one of very few companies who can produce the largest graphics in the UK, we have become a preferred partner for this and all future events.

We had a 4-day timescale for managing the whole process of creating branding visuals including 2.385m² large graphics.


We approach each project with the intention to understand the end-user, goals and purpose. With this in mind, we are able to produce an outstanding brand experience which does not only create the right theme, but speaks to the needs and interest of your target group. 

We have surveyed the environment so that we could plan and manage all aspects including the production of PVC mesh graphics to cover 2385m² of space within a few hours. 

The graphics were optimised and the whole process has been colour managed so that it was perfectly fit with the theme and delivered a great Christmas atmosphere. 


We managed and completed a building wrap project for a space of 2.385m² in record-breaking 3.5 days. 

The graphics did not only impress our client, but was exceedingly welcomed by the organisers of the home show and their audience, too. It created the perfect impression and prepped all visitors with a feeling of excitement and a drive to shop before entering the building. 

All goals were exceeded. The event attracted more than 32.000 buyers who spent 4 hours purchasing. Success was so great that the organisers extended the event to 4 days. 

Impressions: 32.000

Location: Manchester, UK

Product Type: Building Wrap

Service Type: Planning & Logistics

Client Rating: 5/5


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