Transition24, the advancement in backlit fabric graphics

During the last years there has clearly been a movement towards fabric graphics, both frontlit and backlit transforming TV, Film & Theatrical Stage Sets. Fabric graphics has become a complementary media to traditional printed media for giant front or backlit stage sets, and cycloramas. Light weight fabric graphics provide an impactful, easy to install and reduced cost distribution solution. Large scale backlit fabric graphics transform stage sets to provide colourful, and mesmerising effects to dazzle or astound any audience.

In the theatre, film and TV industry every little decision matters and may influence the perceptions of the audience. Effect and memorability are the keywords every producer or director is seeking from their stage sets. Aiming to fulfil these requirements we have introduced the capability of Transition24 which allows a single image to transition through    a 24-hour dusk to dawn cycle without the need to change the image. 


Printed in 3 layers when front illuminated the initial image presents a day time scene, then by simultaneously lowering the front lighting as you raise the back lighting the night time scene starts to appear. As the video below proves, images on the stage backdrop can be scene to transition before your eyes from a day to night representing the transition between dusk to dawn.

Why Us?

Recent investment in state of the art 5.0m UV and dye-sublimation printers has provided the capability to print seamless images up to 5.0m wide by almost any length in a single piece. Also, by seaming pieces together there is virtually no limit to the final backdrop size. The base material can be folded for easy shipment and handling, and when installed appears creaseless. Due to our operational advancements the prints on the material are produced in stunning full colour with high colour density and image vibrancy and sharpness.

If you are looking to level up your stage backdrop and astound your audience get in touch with us today!

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