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All employees will be registered in the government Furlough scheme. The new government web site is live from the 4th April and will cover registered employees pay from the1st April, which will be paid as normal under MediaCo PAYE scheme.

You do not need to do anything your registration is being  completed on your behalf. You will receive a confirmation letter by email in the next few days.

Government support entitles you to receive 80% of your normal salary up to a maximum of £2500 per month. I hope that clarifies the position. 

As always I am available by email in case of any unforeseen concerns and I will try to respond to you asap.  I am happy to answer any questions and will publish any answers for the benefit of all employees.

Finally, please stay in, and we wish you and your family good health!   

To all employees, it appears that yesterday’s government announcement has not been interpreted by all company’s with the same good intentions and some of our competitors have remained open.  Guidelines have now been clarified (email broadcast issued yesterday)  we will now operate a skeleton shift Mon to Friday 9am to 1700hrs daily.  Your HOD’s will speak to those of you available and able to  attend. I am sure you will all appreciate in this bizarre situation, MediaCo board are trying very hard to protect employees, our customers and we certainly do not want to let anyone down. This skeleton shift will now run for 3 weeks. More updates will follow.  

ANSWER: If you work on a voluntary basis you would still receive  80% of your salary up to a maximum of £2500 pm, you would need to provide evidence that no payment or gift has been received.   

ANSWER: If you take a second PAID job it cannot interfere with your availability for MediaCo. When commencing any paid work you will automatically lose the 80% pay contribution.  However, your employment will be considered continuous with MediaCo as long as you are available when required to work. Failure to notify MediaCo of any paid works would be considered gross misconduct  and may result in immediate termination of employment. 

ANSWER: Additional hours will be paid in your monthly salary at your normal hourly rate. EG: You are on 20 hours now, so every hour will increase your total hours towards the normal 40.  No overtime will be paid as we seek to keep costs down and share hours with all employees up to 40 hours.

ANSWER: MediaCo pay and we have to reclaim from government at later date. 


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